Sometimes, I have random, implacable thoughts, thoughts like small, orphaned children, with nowhere to go but a small broom cupboard under the staircase of my mind. Occasionally, these thoughts find shelter within these broom cupboards, and blossom into flowers of greatness. They become wizards, like harry potter. Yet sometimes, they do not. Sometimes, they have no where to go. Sometimes, they DIE...

This blog is an attempt to rescue as many of those poor thoughts as possible. Because the truth is, not every thought is a Harry Potter. Sometimes, the thought is of a goldfish. Or a button. Or a moose.

I am 1/4 Canadian, and quite possibly a gypsy. I look Jewish, and am a Mormon. In terms of Awesome, I am all of them.

I enjoy writing. I write short stories. Feel free to take a look at


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